About Our Pieces

All of our pieces feature semi precious stones, manmade beads, Swarovski and Preciosa crystals, and a carefully curated collection of findings.   

Semi precious stones have, by nature, color and pattern variations.

All of our jewelry is Nickel Free.

Handmade Magnetic Clasp Jewelry

The magnets we use are "stupid strong," as Sean likes to say.  They are rare earth, which means they will NEVER lose the magnetism.  Sean has dedicated 20+ years making sure he only uses the strongest magnets available. ​

The clasps on our jewelry are so easy to open, you will be able to put your jewelry on by yourself! 

All necklaces, anklets, and men's single strand bracelets have a round magnet.​

All double strand bracelets have a rectangular magnet.

All women's single strand bracelets have a square magnet.

All magnets are the same strength.

Therapeutic Pain Relief

Anyone who has visited us at a market can hear our customers talk about the benefits of wearing our magnetic jewelry.  

Pain is an electric impulse.  The magnets we use are strong enough to interrupt that impulse, causing the pain's intensity to decrease.

Everyone's body works a little differently, so magnets work different for everyone.  Some people have total relief from pain while others will notice a decrease.  

Some people will walk around the market and feel a difference almost immediately, while it may take others up to 2 weeks to notice results.  Jennifer took hers off after two weeks and only realized it was working when her pain came back a couple days later!

Magnets do not heal, fix, or cure anything; they simply interrupt the impulse of pain.

Our customers have reported reduced pain from the following conditions: Arthritis ~ Back Pain ~ Body Aches ~ Bunions ~ Bursitis ~ Carpal Tunnel ~ Chronic Fatigue Pain ~  Cramps ~ Diabetes (Neuropathy) ~ Fatigue ~ Fibromyalgia ~ Frozen Shoulder ~ Foot Pain & Heel Spurs ~ Headaches ~ High Blood Pressure ~ Insomnia ~ Menstrual Cramps ~ Migraines ~ Muscle Cramps & Spasms ~ Osteoporosis ~ Pain associated with Polio ~ Poor Blood Circulation ~ Rheumatoid Arthritis ~ Sciatica ~ Sprains ~ Tendonitis ~ Tennis Elbow ~ Torn Ligaments

Use and Care

Jewelry does not have to be worn right where the pain is.  The magnets are strong enough that they will interrupt the pain impulses no matter where they are worn.

We suggest wearing your jewelry as much as possible.  

Wearing your magnet next to an older style watch will drain the battery.  We recommend wearing your bracelet on the opposite wrist.  Rechargable devices like apple watches and fit bits are fine.  Magnets won't interfere with computers, phones, credit cards, etc.


Please keep your jewelry out of water.  While the magnets will always maintain their strength,  the coating on them will wear with excessive exposure. 

Clean the magnetic clasps with a dry cloth.  The clasps are where all the junk from your skin accumulates.  Cleaning the clasps will keep the finish on the magnets from deteriorating.

Size Matters

Every piece of jewelry is created to fit you and handmade by our family.  Even if you've had problems finding your perfect fit in the past...we can help.

The magnetic clasp doesn't have to be touching your skin for it to work therapeutically - so you can wear our jewelry however you like!  The magnetic field is about 10 times larger than the clasp we use, making direct skin contact unnecessary.

It's actually preferable for your jewelry not to be too tight.  Allow a little slack in the measurement - you should be able to fit your finger between your wrist or ankle and the jewelry.

We've provided a handy sizing guide that you can print.  Make sure the ruler is printed to scale - and remember you are measuring for the jewelry size, not your wrist size.  

Print a Size Guide

Another option is to cut a piece of string to the length of your desired fit and measure it against a standard ruler; resizing  of your jewelry is always complimentary - we even include instructions for resizing on the back of our business card, making our jewelry the perfect gift!

Just send the item to us with $4 to cover shipping back to you. 

Magnet replacements are $5 per item. 

Unique Magnetic Jewelry

136 Westpoint Dr 

Greensburg, PA 15601 

The Fine Print

Do not wear if you have a pace maker.  Talk to your doctor, we are not medical professionals.

All of our jewelry is handmade, please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery during our busy season (it doesn't normally take this long, but we'd rather be cautious).  Orders placed during the slow season (Jan - June) are generally made within a few days.